God Has Your Zipcode

            My family and I just relocated to a new city. I am so thankful for my ministry with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. My task is to serve our churches in order to equip and encourage evangelism. As we are getting adjusted to a new community, I would like to share some thoughts about my … Continue reading God Has Your Zipcode


Evangelism and the Pandemic

To say the least, the 2020 pandemic has been upsetting.  Facemasks, curbside pickup, and social distancing have all been introduced into our daily routines.  The normal practices of church life have also been upset.  Pastors have learned how to live stream, congregants are spaced out, and the free coffee has been turned into hand sanitizer.  There is no doubt … Continue reading Evangelism and the Pandemic

REPENT! THE END IS NEAR! — Eschatology and Evangelism

2020 has been one doozy of a year (and it’s only halfway over)!  In addition to the global pandemic and riots, other parts of the world have seen invasions of locusts and military unease (especially with North Korea and South Korea).  The headline news seems like chapter of a Tim LaHaye novel.  As a believer in Christ, I … Continue reading REPENT! THE END IS NEAR! — Eschatology and Evangelism

3 Keys to Reaching Muslims w/ John Barnett

John Barnett serves with the Kentucky Baptist Convention as a Missions Strategist with the Missions Mobilization Team For this week's post I've invited one of my fellow colleagues from the Kentucky Baptist Convention to be a guest blogger. John has a heart for reaching Muslims for Christ. Be encouraged! Three Keys for Reaching Muslims with … Continue reading 3 Keys to Reaching Muslims w/ John Barnett

My top 3 Gospel Tools

Almost every home has a screwdriver.  Screwdrivers are found in cars, junk drawers, and especially in toolboxes.  You may be familiar with either the "Phillip’s” screwdriver or the "flat head" screwdriver, but did you know that there are a variety of screwdrivers?  Some jobs require a torx, an allen wrench, a square head, a clutch head, or even … Continue reading My top 3 Gospel Tools