How’s your evangelistic passion?

If you are around me for ten minutes, you’ll know that I like to talk! I especially like to talk about things that excite me. Want to know my thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie? I’ll be quick to tell you. Would you like to know about what I’m currently reading? Before you answer, let me tell you it’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne and Together for the City by Powell and James. Can I share with you how my kids are doing? Let me tell you about my wife because she’s great!

I have a natural tendency to talk about the things I love. It’s not hard for me to tell you about my interests, family, and passions.

Yet, sometimes I struggle to talk about the most essential part of my life, which is My faith in Jesus Christ.

Why is it that we can so easily talk about our passions and loves, but we freeze when it comes to telling others of the good news of Jesus Christ? The news that God became flesh. The news that he proved himself through miracles and was sacrificed as an atonement for our sins. The news that he rose from the dead. The news that he is returning. The news that he has changed our lives. Why can something so important be so hard to share?  

Perhaps our passion for the Lord is running dry. We are promised that if we draw near to God, he will draw near to us (James 4:8). As we draw near to the Lord, we will become more passionate about our God. The more passionate we are for our God, the more likely we are to share with others. 

Here are some keys to fueling your evangelistic passion.


The old saying is true; a “dusty bible leads to a dusty life.” God has revealed himself through His Word. As we take the time to study and read His Word, we will get to know the Lord on a deeper level. As we discover life-changing truths from the Scripture, we will be more prone to tell others about the Lord! Likewise, if we neglect His Word, our hearts will slowly drift away from the Lord. If you spend adequate time drawing near to God through his Word, you will be excited to tell others about who He is.


Just like Scripture reading, prayer is an essential component to the believer. We will draw near to God in times of prayer, but prayer will also help us with our evangelism. First, as we pray, we can pray for boldness to present the Gospel of Jesus. Paul himself desired boldness when he asked the Ephesians to pray for him, “Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel,”Eph 6:19. Perhaps we are not sharing our faith because we are weak and timid; let’s pray for boldness.

We should also remember the lost in our prayers. We pray for boldness, and we pray for individuals. When we specifically pray for the lost, we are reminded that they are real people who need Jesus. We pray that God will save people as God makes us more compassionate to the Lost.


Sharing the Gospel is about obedience. If we refuse to tell others about Jesus, we may be guilty of disobeying the Great Commission. We should always desire to present the Gospel whenever and wherever we can. 

Unfortunately, I often fail in doing this. Even worse, I’ve noticed that when I go without sharing the Gospel, I become content not sharing the Gospel. This is a bad shape to be in!

On the contrary, when I share the Gospel with someone, I am more likely to keep sharing the Gospel with others. 

Regardless of whether the person accepts Christ or not, I am always encouraged to share with another person. One way to pull me out of an evangelistic funk is to tell the Gospel to somebody. The Lord has a way of reviving my passion for evangelism when I get out there and tell somebody.

Is your evangelistic passion low?

Perhaps you are in an evangelistic valley right now. It’s been some time since you have shared the Gospel with another person. You don’t have a passion or a desire to share with someone, but you know this isn’t the right attitude to have. You also understand that sharing the Gospel is the hope of the world, and you want to be involved in telling others about Jesus.

My suggestion? Spend time with the Lord. Seek him through His Word and prayer. After spending some time with God, then commit to tell someone about the Lord. As you do this, don’t be surprised if God begins to warm your heart towards evangelism.


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