As you go. . .

           The Great Commission is often known for its first word, “go.”  Where exactly is the believer to go?  One way of thinking of the Great Commission is, “as you are going.”  Consider the daily routines of where you go.  You begin your day by waking up in your home and then traveling to school or work.  After work or school, you may stop at certain gas stations or certain stores.  When you arrive back home, you may go for evening walks, mow the yard, or take out the trash.  Consider your daily routine as a chance to interact with other people for the Gospel.

 As you go about your daily routine, I encourage you to list the various people, that you come in contact with, that may need the Gospel.  Who comes to your mind in your daily travels?

JobWhere I work or volunteer.List the name of a person you work or volunteer with that needs the Gospel.
Social EventsMovies theatres, golf courses, after school programs, clubs, gyms, etc. that I attend or belong to.List the name of a person in a social event that needs the Gospel
RestaurantsMy favorite places to dine.List the name of a server or worker that needs the Gospel.
MarketPlaces like Shopping centers, barbershops or salons, banks, gas stations, or automotive shops.List the name of a person in one of these establishments that needs the Gospel.
Recreational EventsWhere I run, jog, bike, or walk at.Do I ever come in contact with some of the same people when doing this?  List the name of a person who needs the Gospel.
Church NeighborhoodWho are the unchurched who live near the church?List the names of the neighbors of the church who need the Gospel.
Online CommunityThose whom I am connected to through social media.List the name of a person that needs the Gospel.

            If you listed the name of at least one person from any of those groups, I would like for you to consider something.  The person you listed is a person with real spiritual needs.  Without Christ they are destined to spend an eternity in Hell.  The only way that person can ever be forgiven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

            As the Lord orchestrates where we live, he can also orchestrate the paths we take.  God is present with us as we leave our houses, go to work, go to stores, and return home.  All of the people we daily come in contact with may be placed there for an opportunity for us to share the Gospel with them.


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