God Has Your Zipcode


My family and I just relocated to a new city. I am so thankful for my ministry with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. My task is to serve our churches in order to equip and encourage evangelism. As we are getting adjusted to a new community, I would like to share some thoughts about my house. Not just my house but your house too! My house and your house may be evangelistic centers!

 One of the greatest examples of gospel proclamation takes place in Acts 17.  The Apostle Paul is brought before the philosophers on Mars Hill to explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Apostle delivers an incredible message where he faithfully proclaims the good news of Jesus.  During his sermon, Paul makes a noteworthy statement, “From one man he has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live. (emphasis added)”[1] Paul’s comment reminds us that God is able to place people exactly where he wants them to live.  Have you ever considered that both you and your neighbors are living in the homes you are living in because of the sovereignty of God?

At the conclusion of the Great Commission, Jesus reminded his disciples, “. . . I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Consider the incredible implications that Christ is both with us as we evangelize and that he sovereignly places us in the homes we live in.  The Lord has divinely assigned our living arrangements and is present within the lives of believers.  Believers in Christ should be greatly encouraged by these two facts.

First, if God has placed you in your neighborhood then you should be encouraged that he is already at work in the lives of others.  

Perhaps you chose your home because of the location, the layout, or the school system.  What you may not have known is that it might have been the Lord who chose your location!  Why? Because there are people near you who are lonely and hopeless.  If the Lord saw fit for you to live where you live, then we must believe that he is moving in the lives of our neighbors.

Second, if Jesus is present with us when we evangelize, then we should believe he will help us with our evangelism. 

 Many parents know the feeling of dropping off their children at kindergarten for the first time.  Every time we’ve done this with our children, we walked away worried and a little tearful.  Even our kids were a little tearful when we turned our back and walked away.  The Lord does drop us into the neighborhoods we live in to accomplish his purposes, but he does not walk away!  Instead, the Lord moves in with us!  He will never leave us nor forsake, regardless of what our zip code is!  Be encouraged that The Lord is present with you as you engage your neighbors.

So get out there and meet your neighbors. They are waiting for you to share the Gospel with them.

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