Are tracts still a thing?

“but in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” 1 Peter 3:15

One of my earliest adventures in evangelism consisted of me and a buddy from school, going door to door to give out gospel booklets.  I can’t recall where we got all those Gospel booklets from, but we had a variety!  I remember handing out small one sheet tracts with simple bible verses printed on them.  We also gave out “Jack T. Chick” tracts that featured comic book style illustrations flavored with a little shock value.  We even gave out ones that looked like dollar bills!  I recently heard someone ask, “Are tracts still a thing?”  I would like to reply to that question by simply stating, “they are indeed.”  I have found “tracts” or “Gospel booklets” to be very helpful when sharing the Gospel.  I would like to mention a few reasons why Christians should still utilize Gospel booklets when evangelizing.

“Tracts” keep you on “Track.”  The word “tract” is defined as “a short treatise in pamphlet form, typically on a religious subject.”  A tract is designed to present gospel information in a small booklet that can be easily read.  Tracts are now being referred to as “Gospel booklets” (which I think may be a more appropriate name).  The idea is that a faithful Gospel presentation is included in a small booklet form that can be easily understood.  

Some people are afraid to evangelize because they do not know what to say. If you find yourself struggling with the right words, I would suggest utilizing Gospel booklets.  A Gospel booklet will faithfully explain the plan of salvation and will give you the needed words in print form.

One effective way to use a Gospel booklet is to read the Gospel booklet to a person. You may ask, “Read the booklet to the person?  Aren’t they able to read it for themselves?”  Yes, they are able to read the booklet for themselves, but by reading the tract to them you will be interacting with them on a very personal level.  You can ask them questions and they can ask you questions. When you complete the Gospel booklet, there will be a chance for a person to respond.  So, by reading a Gospel booklet to a person you will discover that a “tract” keeps you on “track.”  There is no need to worry about messing it up.

Gospel booklets can be left with someone.  I often find myself sharing the Gospel with people in restaurants or convenient stores.  On more than one occasion, I have been at the critical point of asking for a decision when another customer comes into the store.  It would be impolite and disrespectful to the employee if I had held up the line, but I don’t want to leave them hanging.  When the Gospel conversation is abruptly interrupted you do not have to feel defeated. You can leave the Gospel booklet with the person and pray that the person will read the tract.  Obviously, a complete dialogue would be the best, but at least you didn’t leave the person empty handed.  You can always come back and continue building a relationship with that person.

Gospel booklets remind me to evangelize.  When I carry Gospel booklets on me, I am constantly reminded that I have the plan of salvation with me.  We are always to share the Gospel whether or not we have printed material on us, but the physical presence of the booklet reminds me to share the Gospel.  Likewise, a small marked New Testament can also do the same job.  When you carry either a tract or a New Testament with you, you are aware and ready to share the Gospel.  I challenge you to load your pockets full of tracts and pay attention.  As you go about your day you will discover that evangelism is on your mind.

One last note on Gospel booklets:  Not all Gospel booklets are equal.  To be honest, I have seen some Gospel booklets that are simply bad.  They do not thoroughly explain the Gospel and they rely on gimmicks and scare tactics.  I would like to share with you a small list of some Gospel tracts that offer a faithful Gospel presentation.

Steps to Peace with God:

Experiencing God’s Grace:

Eternal Life:

3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide:

3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide

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