My top 3 Gospel Tools

Almost every home has a screwdriver.  Screwdrivers are found in cars, junk drawers, and especially in toolboxes.  You may be familiar with either the “Phillip’s” screwdriver or the “flat head” screwdriver, but did you know that there are a variety of screwdrivers?  Some jobs require a torx, an allen wrench, a square head, a clutch head, or even the pozidriv (all within the screwdriver family).  Though the typical screwdriver is a Phillip’s or flathead, there will be situations where other types of screwdrivers are necessary to get the job done. 

Evangelism is (kind of) similar.  Depending on the situation (where and when) you are sharing the Gospel, and to whom (adult, teen, or child) you are sharing the Gospel with, different tools may be required.  I want to highlight three of my favorite tools in personal evangelism.  

  •  Share Jesus Without FearShare Jesus Without Fear, created by Bill Faye, relies on a series of questions to ask a lost person.   It begins by asking, “do you have any spiritual beliefs?” The questioning then  moves to “if what you believed was not true, would you want to know the truth?”  If the person answers “yes,” then a series of biblical passages are used to share the Gospel with the person.  The Share Jesus Without Fear method is a great tool to bridge into gospel conversations.  The mehtod relies on the life-changing power of the scripture.   
  • 3 Circles.  This diagram approach to presenting the Gospel was made popular by the North American Mission Board.  It begins by drawing one circle with the words “God’s Design,” written inside the circle.  The diagram then moves to sin, and the second circle that reads “brokenness.”  From there, a third circle is drawn that reads “Gospel.”  By turning away from sin and to the Gospel, the person sees a connection back to God’s design.  This method is incredibly helpful to visualize the Gospel.  You can draw the diagram almost anywhere.  The visual picture of sin and forgiveness allows you to ask the lost person, “What circle do you find yourself in?”
  • Gospel Booklets.  Gospel booklets are not outdated.  Instead, gospel booklets can be used for a variety of purposes.  I often find myself handing out Gospel booklets to servers or clerks (who are busy and cannot carry on a full conversation).  Sometimes I am not able to have a lengthy discussion with someone, but I can give a Gospel booklet.  I trust that the gospel message inside the booklet explains the Gospel and be used by the Lord.  Gospel booklets can also be utilized by reading the booklet to a person. Using the booklet in this way helps the presenter with the right words. Two of my favorite tracks are Steps to Peace With God and Do You Know for Certain that You Have Eternal Life.

Gospel tools can be incredibly helpful when sharing the Gospel, but there is another resource available for all Christians.  Regardless of how skilled you are at using a gospel tool, you can rest assured that the “Master Mechanic” is genuinely in charge!  Jesus promised to give us “power” to be his witnesses through the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).  Regardless of what tool you use, ask, and pray for the Holy Spirit to be in charge.

 Someone once told D.L. Moody, “I don’t like your methods of evangelism.” Moody kindly responded, “what are your methods?”  The man quickly replied, “I don’t have any.”  Moody’s thoughtful response was priceless, “I like mine better than yours.”

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